THAT blue couch

Instantly recogniseable

If you follow me on instagram, no doubt you'll recognise my feed by pictures of my blue couch in front of our exposed brick wall. It's also by far my favourite spot in the house. It's light and airy, the sun hits right in the afternoon when you fancy a break and it's super comfortable too! It's quite the statement couch and it took me a while to find it.

I was on the hunt for the perfect couch for that particular spot, in a statement colour. That's not that difficult to find, there's plenty of beautiful furniture out there. But you need to sit on it right? Finding a sofa that's gorgeous AND comfy seemed to be a bit of a mission.

Marieke, I kid you not!

I was about to give up when I wandered into Homestock, a mere 300m from my house. I spotted this couch and instantly fell in love. I sat on it, and thought too myself: 'Now this is bloody comfy! This might just be the one!'. I leaned over to grab the price tag with all the info on it and you never believe what I saw. This couch is called 'MARIEKE'. It must be faith! My namesake! That sealed the deal. I had to have it. I picked the colour and fabric in store, so it's not available on their website (which is more velvety).

Mine a 4 seater, fabric category 2, fabric tempo royal blue 47+LTX.

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