Setting up office - Whispering Bold goes Mediterranean

Urban Mediterranean with a touch of country

Urban Mediterranean with a touch of country; I think that's how I should label my interior design style of Villa Ardilla. Not that I like labels. On the contrary, I do what I like and whatever feels right. I have a penchant for the unconventional and certainly do not like to be placed in a box. I really don't really care about following trends, I rather set my own. But you can always find certain fixed elements in my style, and that is respecting and honouring vintage elements combining them with modern touches, being true to the character of the house, and not following the masses but rather creating my own signature style.

I think you'll find that, even though this home is vastly different from the one on the canals in Haarlem, it still is very much me, and recognisably so (or at least... that's what I've been told).

Working from anywhere